Satellite View of Your Location on Your Mobile Phone

A simple download to your phone will give you a a real time satellite view of your location right on your screen without any extra hardware or money requirements.

A simple download of Google Maps for Mobile will turn your phone into a James Bond style locator device which allows you to zoom in from a Bird’s Eye(satellite)view to your location and see yourself on a map! By the way, did I mention it’s free?

1. Visit m.google.com/ maps on your phone.

2. Click MAPS

3. Click Install Now and click open. That’s it!

With Google maps on your phone you can:

  • Determine your current location with or without GPS (yep, even if your phone does not have a GPS device).
  • Get driving and transit directions
  • Get phone numbers and addresses for local businesses

My Phone Does Not Have GPS Built In, How Does Google Maps Turn My Phone Into a GPS Device??

Introducing My Location from Google! Sorry…I’m just really impressed with this. My Location is a built in system that allows Google Maps to find your current location using your phone without requiring GPS. My Location actually finds you by using Cellular Towers around you and can show  your location on the map within 1000 meters.

Ok great, but I have a GPS feature built into my phone so how can I benefit?

Google Maps will find and use your GPS receiver if your phone is equipped with one. In this case, you’ll see your exact location on the map and you’ll see real time movement whether you’re walking or driving. In addition, you have access to satellite view, street view and directions.

What else can Google Maps do?

With Google Maps on your phone you have access to the some of the basic stuff like driving directions and finding phone numbers (basic, but really convenient). In addition to that, you get live traffic reports on the map.  You will actually see where there’s traffic congestion and which route is best depending on the real time traffic data, right on the map!
When you get directions to where you need to go, you can set it to DRIVING or WALKING mode so that it guides you according to how you’re traveling.
Now for one of my favorite features (there are others), Maps for Mobile actually gives you access to Satellite and Street View so you can see the buildings and structures around you, right on your phone! I mean, Google is really making it tough to get lost!  Take a look at these videos:




With Google Maps for Mobile you get Google Latitude. Google Latitude allows you to select a friend or groups of friends and see where they are on the map. Imagine the possibilities! I actually will dedicate a whole post to Google Latitude because it deserves an honorable mention. Click Here To See the Post on Google Latitude

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    Satellite View of Your Location on Your Mobile Phone…

    A simple download of Google Maps for mobile to your phone will provide a real time satellite view of your location right on your screen….

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