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A CPD webinar covering 'How New Legislation Impacts Fire Requirements for Balconies'.

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We offer a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Webinar programme for architects interested in the challenges, risks and solutions related to current fire legislation in construction. The CPD provides architects with an insight into the industry that stretches beyond the expectations and coverings of their core training. Aiming to broaden knowledge, experience and awareness, the CPD offers architects skills and expertise that can be applied to their work going forward.
Learn about UK fire legislation with EnviroBuild's CPD
In December 2018, the government placed a ban on using combustible materials on the external walls and specified attachments of new high-rise buildings over 18 metres. Materials used in the construction of tall residential buildings have therefore been limited to those with a fire rating of Class A1 (non-combustible) or A2 s1 d0 (very limited combustibility) under the harmonised European Standard EN13501. This means that all components of the external walls and attachments on buildings over 18 metres must be individually tested and are limited to materials like stone, rockwool or plasterboard.
This legislation has demanded a widespread transformation of the marketplace through eliminating the use of many traditional materials, aiming to ensure that that external walls on all high-rise buildings resist the spread of flames. This is having a significant impact on all those involved, forcing architects to be thorough in their designs and aware of effective fixes.
Our CPD covers everything that architects need to be aware of in complying with the latest building regulations regarding non-combustible materials, providing valuable insight into contemporary construction and design.
The online session begins by outlining the key points of The Building (Amendment) Regulations (S.I. 2018/ 1230) legislation, which has forced a shift in construction since its implementation in 2018. With particular attention on balcony design, we then cover how this legislation is impacting the construction industry in the UK. Finally, we offer insight into the possible A-Class rated solutions that architects can implement into their designs to overcome these new challenges, providing unique advice and innovative explanations.
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