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Composite Fencing Calculator

How to calculate fencing materials for your project

Looking for an online calculator?

We're working on it... in the meantime feel free to get in touch with one of our technical experts for assistance with planning your project by calling 0208 088 4888.
  • A drawing to scale may help you determine how much more material will be required
  • Always round up the number of materials required
  • For multiple fencing areas, follow the steps for each section and sum the quantities together
  • If your design is sloped, it is recommended that you add at least 5% to the total fence slats required for wastage
  • The type of foundation underneath the proposed fencing area will determine the post substructure needed to support the fence

Calculating how much fencing you need

Step 1

Calculating Fencing Areas
Start off by measuring the length and height of your proposed fencing area(s).

Step 2

Once you have your fence length, divide this by the length of a full fence panel and post (we recommend using a height of 1.8m).
The following example will use a fencing area of 1.8m long x 1.8m high:
Length = 18m, then 18m / 1.8m = 10 fence panel sections.

Step 3

Simply order this amount of complete fence panels on our website and all the required material will be delivered to the site.

Calculating fences with a height below 1.8m

If you require a fence height less than 1.8m or have existing fence posts, then you need to divide the required fence height by the height of a fence slat (0.162m) and multiply this by the amount of complete fence sections (1.8m wide) you require.
The following example will use a Fencing area of 19m wide x 0.80m high:
Height = 0.80m, then 0.80m / 0.162m = 5 fence panel boards per section.
10 fence panel sections x 5 fence boards per section = 50 fence panel boards.